Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to Be a Good Client

            My former supervisor, Dr. Ryan Howes, writes a blog for Psychology Today and several years ago wrote a popular post on how to get the most out of therapy. I think it is an important issue because sometimes people do not know how to be a “good client.” Being a good client does not mean you are all friendly smiles and happy thoughts, it just means that you benefit greatly from the experience of therapy. The link to the entire post is included below but here is a snippet of a few tips he suggests:
1) Arrive 10 minutes early for your session so that you can relax and prepare for the session.
2) Ask questions when you think of them. Do not worry about asking the wrong question. Let your therapist decide whether or not they want to answer your question.
3) Allow yourself to change. All clients want to change in therapy but change is uncomfortable, if not outright frightening. Prepare yourself to completely change who you are.

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